Interior Design Trends for Fall 2021 and Beyond

Yahoo came out with “7 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge This Fall (Plus Two That Should Be Packed Away with The Beach Chairs”  last week and we couldn’t help but breakdown what we’re seeing in Asheville, NC that relate to their predictions. May of design trends this fall are going to lean earthy, organic, cozy, and warm. Below we break down the trends they foresee being a hit and our take on the trend as builders working closely with clients and interior designers.

1. Warm, Earthy Neutrals

We think this one might be around to stay. Big time designers like Shea McGee and Lauren Liess have been leaders of this style for many years now and people are finally catching on. Stark contrasts have given way to softer, more subtle colors and fabrics.  If this style speaks to you, check out Down to Earth (Laid-back Interiors for Modern Living) by Lauren Liess. You’ll find great ideas and the photos in it are drool-worthy.

Our take: As a mountain custom home builder in Asheville, we love this style. It works well in so many different styles of homes. We’ve always love the warmth that wood and natural materials bring to a home. Pops of black and white are still very popular with our clients and we don’t think black windows are going anywhere. We get asked a lot if black windows are a trend and the answer is yes and no. Black windows have been around for ages, but yes, they are more popular in residential construction right now than they have been in years. If you’re on the fence about black windows, consider the extra cost (because there will likely be an increase in price) and figure out if it’s worth it to you. We think it adds a contrast inside and out with many styles of homes that you can’t get from paint or siding materials.

“I think anything with a more earthy and neutral tone is perfect to set the stage for fall,” says Designer Amanda Evans.

2. Bespoke Furnishings and Vintage Décor

According to the vintage/cottage/eclectic is in. Antique items are bringing a sense of comfort to people during the what feels liek never-ending pandemic. People are bringing out older pieces that may have been family members that have been tucked away in the attic or basement. We’ve had requests from many clients to use vintage pieces like light fixtures, sinks and bathtubs in new homes. We accommodate as best as we can. It usually works out, but occasionally the piece doesn’t work or can’t be restored.

“Antique furnishings mixed with more contemporary pieces and a little whimsy go a long way to keep the look from getting too referential,” adds Designer Killy Scheer.

3. Cozy Fabrics and Natural Textures

We can all rejoice that a relaxed, cozy feel is in! We tend to see eye-to-eye with clients who appreciate a relaxed feel in their home. Don’t get us wrong, we build all styles and sizes of homes, but at the heart of Judd Builders, we are relaxed and pretty easy-going. The live edge tables, reclaimed wood, and soft colors at our office make it feel more like a home than an office. It’s a comfortable setting to meet with clients and friends alike. We have an appreciation for interior designers who will push for high quality fabrics and materials that can last and look good.

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“I see clients being drawn more to a relaxed feel in their home- something sophisticated and chic but still cozy,” says Brittany Peltz, Designer and founder of SENA Lifestyle Studio.

4. Partitions and Room Dividers

This one is a little more difficult for us to get on board with. We’re all for multi-function and we understand this can be difficult if rooms are wide open spaces, but partitions and room dividers? We haven’t seen this Covid side effect quite yet in the house plans our clients are bringing to us, but some people just don’t care for open floor plans Covid or no Covid. The article’s author says, “The need for privacy and solitude has become paramount in our homes (but the need to make sure our children aren’t setting the house on fire is equally important). As a result, we’re seeing a resurgence of midcentury modern room dividers that allow for the kind of “hands-on privacy” parents are looking for.”

5. Urbane Cottage Kitchens

“The days of the white shaker kitchen might be in the rearview mirror, thankfully. Kitchens are still the hub of the house, but now people are taking a less sterile approach… Dark palettes, stained woods, countertop stone with depth and movement, and statement fixtures and hardware are not just more exciting but they’re also more durable and mess-friendly than their white counterparts,” explains Scheer. She also predicts that integrating our kitchen with the rest of the home through “natural materials—cabinets with visible wood grain, interesting countertops, faucets that blend into the counters, and other finishes, rather than stand-out features (think black counters, black faucet),” will be huge in 2022.

We’ve always been a fan of stained wood and combined with darker stones, the industrial feel is becoming more and more popular in the western North Carolina region. The dark and moody look doesn’t work in all styles of homes, but it can blend easily in luxury cabins and mountain modern homes in the Asheville area.

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6. Layered Bedrooms

Cozy and comfortable extends to the bedroom according to the article’s author. Think texture, layers, and luxurious linens.

Designers are looking to bring layers of comfort throughout the entire bedroom this season—and it doesn’t stop with a set of gauzy percale sheets. “Think linen, rattan, an authentic Moroccan shag with warm touches of color brought in by accessories and throws. This trend can go light or dark, depending on the mood of the space and home,” explains Peltz. When it comes to styling this look, try “layering curtains and shades, if you have a highly patterned rug that’s a bit too small, add a larger seagrass or neutral under it for instant layering, and adding architectural details, like paneling. For extra punch, add wallpaper above a chair rail,” says Scheer.

7. Bringing the Outdoors in

Last but not least, it’s the trend that ties everything together: bringing the outdoors in. “Covid taught us a lot about how much better life is when we take the time to sit outside…Even though we can move around more freely, I think the indoor-outdoor connection is here to stay,” Scheer says. However, the term doesn’t quite mean you have to turn your home into a greenhouse. “Bringing nature in doesn’t have to be so literal (read: getting a million plants)—it can mean switching to natural fibers in furnishings (rattan, cane, wicker, wood), fabrics (wool, linen, cotton) and maximizing natural light,” Scheer explains.

Indoor-outdoor spaces might be our favorite areas to help design and build in new custom homes. The Asheville climate is perfect for enjoying these spaces throughout the year. Many of the calls we’ve received during the pandemic are people wanting to remodel or add an indoor-outdoor spaces. We specialize in luxury homes and spaces built with materials like reclaimed wood, stained tongue and groove, and beams that add character to the space.

Asheville, NC custom home builders, Judd Builders, work closely with clients to determine their exactly what they want in a new home. Building a custom home is the investment of a lifetime and should be a labor of love if you choose the right builder to match your needs. Good communication and trust should be established from the beginning of your relationship with a home builder. If you get any inclination that the builder may not be able to meet your needs, keep looking. There are many trustworthy custom home builders who’ve established a reputation and will allow you to contact their past clients to get a better idea of the process and what working with them is like. Take advantage of this opportunity and talk to as many of their clients as possible.

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