Are you frustrated with your home? Do you love the location? Love the school system? If the interior layout of your home isn’t working well for your family but you don’t want to move, maybe it’s time to consider a whole house remodel. Often times it can make sense to combine home remodeling projects and tackle them all at once. There’s often a cost savings associated with having all of the work done at one time by one contractor if you’re remodeling multiple areas of your home.

If you’ve recently purchased a home that needs to be remodeled, remodeling the home before you move in can make it an easier transition. It also makes sense if you’re planning to move out of your home for a remodel. Rather than move out while the kitchen is being remodeled and remodel the bathrooms later on, have the bathrooms and any other projects completed at the same time so you’re inconvenienced with moving more than once. A whole home remodel typically involves a wide array of projects and if done all at once, your home will feel completely transformed and feel like a brand new home.

There are lots of options for modifying a home so it better fits your needs. The home remodeling possibilities are endless when you work with an experienced remodeler and a skilled draftsman or architect. It’s really quite amazing what can be done to carry out a client’s vision for how they want their home to look and feel.

Home Remodeling in Asheville

As Asheville remodeling contractors, we understand home renovation projects can feel very overwhelming if you don’t have the right professionals on your side. There are numerous decisions to make and it can feel like a lot of work. At Judd Builders, we help guide you in deciding how much of the home you want to remodel and where to start. Your budget will also drive the plan. Remodeling your home should increase your home’s value. A trustworthy Asheville remodeler should work with you on where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. If you plan to live in the home for many decades, you may not worry about return as much as a homeowner looking to move in a couple of years.


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Home Remodeling Services in Asheville

  • historic home remodels
  • interior remodels
  • exterior remodels
  • additions
  • bathroom remodels
  • in-law suite additions
  • outdoor kitchens
  • basement renovations
  • outdoor entertaining additions
  • attic remodels
  • garage additions
  • kitchen remodels
  • second story extensions
  • screened porch additions


Once you have a remodeling plan and budget, the timeline for the remodel is created. Judd Builders uses Buildertrend construction management software to map out all aspects of a whole house remodeling project. The cloud-based program houses all project documents, selections, timelines, notes from the project manager, and project progress photos. Buildertrend allows us to keep our clients updated on their project’s progress and next steps.

A whole house remodel can on average take three months to a year depending on the amount of work to be done. Your project manager will give you a ballpark time frame during the initial consultation.

Most whole home remodeling projects include most of these stages (not all are necessary for some projects and they aren’t always in this order):

  • demolition
  • building/framing
  • mechanicals
  • drywall
  • trim carpentry
  • floors
  • cabinetry
  • tile
  • appliances
  • hardware
  • touch-ups and punch list items
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