Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

There’s nothing quite like gathering by a fire on a fall evening. With the weather getting cooler many people start looking at their outdoor living areas and assessing what can be done to extend the amount of time they can use it during the fall and winter months. Usually a heating source comes to mind. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can add value to your home and create a spot for family and friends to spend time outdoors.

Outdoor living areas with outdoor fireplaces are one of our favorite projects to help design and build. The climate in Asheville allows four seasons of outdoor living that many only dream about in other parts of the country. Materials we use in many of the outdoor fireplaces we’ve built include brick, stone, stucco, and tile. There’s nothing quite like a wood-burning outdoor fireplaces, but some of our clients prefer gas or at the very least a gas log lighter. With a gas log lighter you get the natural wood fire with the convenience and quickness of a gas light. The best of both worlds.

Which outdoor fire type is right for your home? No matter which type of outdoor fireplace design you go with, adding a custom fireplace or semi-custom fire feature can add value to your home and provide the perfect spot for creating memories with family and friends for many years to come. Below we’ve shared some things to consider.

Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Outdoor fireplace attached to a home:

  • Easily accessible
  • Porch can be extended from home
  • Can be built in an attached screened in area
  • You’re able to select your style and include it in exterior and interior design of home
  • You can warm up an outdoor dining area
  • It can be a semi-enclosed space
  • A cozy living room feel can be created
  • Keeps guests nearby
  • Can be made to look original to the home if built years later

Freestanding outdoor fireplace:

  • Separate your outdoor living spaces
  • Potentially larger hangout area
  • Can be alongside a pool or spa
  • Can be included in the design of a pavilion or pool house
  • Smoke is less likely to get in your home
  • It can be a semi-enclosed space with a pergola or gazebo

Fire pit or fire bowl: 

  • Seating can go all the way around
  • Easier set up/less construction
  • Less expensive
  • Some are portable
  • Great for large groups
  • No need for a chimney
  • Many shapes, styles and sizes to consider

Asheville, NC custom home builders, Judd Builders, work closely with clients to determine their exactly what they want in a new home. Building a custom home is the investment of a lifetime and should be a labor of love if you choose the right builder to match your needs. Good communication and trust should be established from the beginning of your relationship with a home builder. If you get any inclination that the builder may not be able to meet your needs, keep looking. There are many trustworthy custom home builders who’ve established a reputation and will allow you to contact their past clients to get a better idea of the process and what working with them is like. Take advantage of this opportunity and talk to as many of their clients as possible.

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