Asheville Kitchen Remodel

We get asked daily what people should budget for a kitchen remodel in the Asheville area. If you’re looking for an exact figure on what it will cost to remodel your kitchen, you need to understand the time and thought it takes to complete an estimate. We hesitate to throw out an average number because there are so many factors. We’re more qualified to ballpark a number after doing an initial consultation but often times it’s not in the best interest of us or our client because even a range can be way off.

A kitchen renovation is no small task. Judd Builders takes a measured approach when it comes to kitchen renovation budgets. The process of putting together an estimate involves multiple vendors and subcontractors. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, the average cost for a minor kitchen renovation in Asheville, NC is $25,833. This average doesn’t include layout changes, or moving plumbing or electrical. The average for a major mid-range kitchen renovation is $74,734 and the average for a major upscale kitchen is $146,422.

“We like to do our due diligence when putting together a kitchen remodeling budget. Kitchens are typically the most expensive type of remodel because of the amount of materials used and the need to budget for plumbing, electrical, mechanical and in some cases, framing. The homeowner has endless choices in terms of materials and finishes and what they choose drives the budget. You should have a good idea of what you want to spend and know your absolute top end for your kitchen remodeling budget. Having a contingency amount is always a good idea as well in case we come across an unexpected expense which can happen during any home remodel,” says John Judd Jr., Co-Owner of Judd Builders.