Basement Remodeling in Asheville, NC

One of the first steps to take when you consider a basement remodel is to determine if there are moisture issues. Before you invest money in finishing your basement, you’ll want to address moisture and mold issues and put preventative measures in place to ensure you don’t have problems in the future.

If you know you already have moisture or mold issues in your basement and you want to finish or remodel your basement, Judd Builders can work with you to address your concerns and bring in our team of subcontractors to eliminate the problem before construction starts.

The infographic below from gives steps for preventing mold growth. Preventing mold and moisture issues is the first step during an Asheville basement remodel. With the amount of rain we’ve received in recent months, it is taken seriously by our project managers. During the initial consultation, the project manager that meets with you will listen to your wants and needs and help determine the best plan and methods to achieve your basement remodel goals.

We want you to have a living space that adds value to your home and gives you more usable space that feels comfortable. Addressing moisture and mold issues will help achieve both the homeowner’s goals and our goals as your remodeling contractor. A basement remodel is a big investment in your home and if done correctly with quality products, it should add value when you sell your home.

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