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Our superintendent Joseph Mojica was recently interviewed for an article on Realtor.com. The article titled “How to Identify a Load-Bearing Wall (and Why It Matters During a Home Renovation)” outlined what homeowners should look for before home remodels that require reconfiguring walls. An excerpt is below.

“If you have an unfinished basement, you can look at the floor joists,” advises Joseph Mojica, superintendent at Judd Builders in Asheville, NC. “If the wall above runs parallel or perpendicular to the joists, it is most likely load-bearing.”

If you don’t have a basement – or if it’s finished – you can look at the joists in your attic or crawlspace, he says. And don’t overlook your columns—Mojica says they’re not always there just to lend elegant flair. They can also be load-bearing.

Spotting a load-bearing wall can be more difficult in a two-story home than a single-story one. “It can be harder to determine if the second-floor system is bearing on the same wall,” he says.