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Our Director of Marketing Lauren McKinney was recently interviewed for a article on why the cold weather months are a good time to buy a home in Asheville.

6 Reasons Why Winter Is Actually the Most Chill Time to Buy a Home

When the weather outside is frightful, trudging door to door to look at houses might seem like a fool’s errand. Everybody knows spring and summer are the home-buying seasons, and winter is the time when you—and sellers—cool it for a bit and take a break, right?

While it’s true that things do slow down in the winter, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, fewer homes are for sale. Yes, moving in a snowstorm is a pain no one should experience. But there are quite a few darned smart reasons to buy a home in the winter. In fact, we’d argue that this might even be the best time to buy a home—if you can. Here’s why.

Most likely, sellers listing their home in the depths of winter seriously want to sell. That gives buyers the upper hand.

“Many people place their homes on the market at this time of the year because they need to,” says Lauren McKinney, a Realtor® in Asheville, NC. “Many sellers are looking to get out fast and will be more willing to work with you.”

You’ll also want to keep an eye on each home’s “cumulative days on market,” which you’ll find on the home’s listing details page. It’s possible that the house has been lingering on the market—giving you more leverage to land a fantastic home for a fraction of the price you would have paid six months earlier.

“If you are buying in the winter, you may want to target houses that have been on the market for a few months, because you might just find a seller who is more motivated to accept a lower offer,” Sztanyo says.

But remember: Just because a seller’s eager doesn’t necessarily mean you should dramatically lowball or make unreasonable demands—you can sabotage yourself if you get cocky. Instead, work with your agent to determine an appropriate negotiation strategy.

You can read the full article “6 Reasons Why Winter Is Actually the Most Chill Time to Buy a Home” on

After you purchase your home in Asheville during the winter months, don’t wait to remodel. Now is a great time to find an Asheville remodeling contractor to start a kitchen remodel, bath remodel, home addition or whole house remodel. Read our blog “3 Things to Renovate Before You Move Into Your New House” to figure out what areas of your home should be a priority and if you should delay moving in until the remodeling projects are completed.

Judd Builders is an experienced Asheville remodeler with years of experience remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living space, basements and building home additions. We are known for the custom homes we build in Western North Carolina, but we love seeing the transformation during a home remodel almost as much as a new construction build. Our knowledgeable project managers can help guide you through the process so that the Asheville home remodel becomes everything you want it to be and more.

Finishing Your Basement in Asheville, NC

There are many important things to consider when choosing an Asheville builder to finish your basement. There’s much more to a basement remodel than framing, drywall, and paint. An experienced contractor can help you with a plan that takes into consideration the foundation, water issues, code violations, ceiling height, and insulation.

If you’re finishing your basement in Asheville, NC think about what features you want. Do you want a wine cellar or theater? Will you need a bedroom for guests? Be sure to choose a builder that has experience finishing basements and solid recommendations. Interview more than one Asheville builder and ask if you can see examples of their past construction projects. You will be investing a lot of money so it’s worth doing your homework up front to ensure you’re happy with the results of finishing your basement. We found this infographic from Foundation Doctor NC helpful.

What To Do Before Finishing Your Basement from Foundation Doctor

Below are some of the past basement remodels we’ve completed. View more Asheville home remodel projects


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Judd Builders Mentioned on HuffPost

Judd Builders, an Asheville NC custom home builder, was recently mentioned in a HuffPost article “Bad Real Estate Lessons You’ve Learned From Watching HGTV.” Our Director of Marketing, Lauren McKinney, was interviewed for the article and spoke about her experience working with clients wanting to remodel existing homes and their lack of knowledge about the cost to remodel due in part to budgets on HGTV shows that aren’t realistic in the Asheville market. She said “the biggest misconception I see as a result of people watching HGTV shows is that it skews their idea of what things should cost. Whether it’s an existing home that needs to be remodeled or they’re buying a lot to build a new home, they think they can pay prices similar to Waco, Texas, where ‘Fixer Upper’ is filmed and where the market is completely different and building and labor costs are much lower.”

Read more of the article at HuffPost.

Questions to Ask Home Builders in Asheville, NC

Considering home builders in Asheville, NC for a new construction project or remodel? We hear a lot of horror stories from clients who’ve had experience with contractors lacking experience, professionalism, and expertise in handling funds. Finding a contractor can be an overwhelming process. Typically you’ve saved and saved for the project and your expectations for the builder are extremely high. Don’t take shortcuts when doing your initial research.

Pricing, craftsmanship, and location are factors to consider when looking for the right builder for your new home or remodel. Once you’ve narrowed down your preliminary list and start to meet with home builders, ask these important questions to help you find a home builder in Asheville, NC that will be a good match for you.

  • How many years have you been in business and how many homes have you built?
  • Who will be my primary contact during the project and how will they keep me updated on issues and progress?
  • Can you provide potential clients with references that are available to speak about their experience building with you?
  • Can I tour a home you built or remodeled for another client?
  • Why is your company better than other home builders? What makes you different?
  • How and when will the final price of my home be determined?
  • Do you have a final walk-through after the home is built?
  • What type of home warranty do you provide to homeowners?

It’s also a great idea to see which home builders in Asheville, NC your friends and family have dealt with directly. Ask them why their experience was good or bad. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from their experience. It’s also a good idea to check with the Asheville Home Builders Association and the Better Business Bureau.

You will be spending a lot of time with the Asheville custom home builder or remodeler you choose, so be sure you feel comfortable communicating with them. The journey of a large renovation or building a new home can be exciting, fun, confusing and emotional at times. You should feel that you have a voice and that your concerns are being addressed in a timely manner.

We hope this blog post will help you navigate the process of finding quality home builders in Asheville NC. If we can help with your new custom home or home remodel, feel free to call us at (828) 274-4448 or email

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Abba’s House Opioid Treatment Center for Families

Judd Builders partnered with Western Carolina Rescue Ministries to build this first of its kind treatment center that will house women and their babies who are addicted to drugs. The 14 room Abba’s House will help combat the opioid crisis in Western North Carolina.

Each room has a bed, crib, dresser, and private bathroom. Safety is of highest concern so each room has a biometric lock and security cameras to ensure everyone’s safety. Women will receive addiction therapy, counseling, and support to help build healthy and loving relationships with their babies during the 12-18 month program. New families are scheduled to arrive next week.

We have worked on various projects with Western Carolina Rescue Ministries and look forward to helping them continue to enhance their space where such important work for the community is taking place every day.

To volunteer or donate to Western Carolina Rescue Ministries click here.

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